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Welcome to Stevenson, Alabama!

Lets just say that this was our first home away from home. Baby stayed in a trailer 10 minutes from the jobsite in Stevenson, Alabama for , I donno, six months or more?

We could see the foothills of the mountains through the kitchen window and was a short drive to a lot of cool places.

With the job only being 6 hours from our home, in south Mississippi, I was able to work and manage the kids being in school and then drive up on Fridays and visit on the weekends.

We crammed so much fun into this location because we were around not only the tourist attractions of Chattanooga, but also all the natural beauty and state parks in the area. We were within an hour driving distance of Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina. I love hunting down waterfalls and venturing out to new places So The possibilities in this area are endless and I took full advantage.

Many of the places we hiked were state parks and open to the public. Sometimes that meant we had to pay parking but a 5 dollar day pass is wayyy cheaper than going to a tourist attraction every day. Some of the hikes were a bit long, but I was able to use my All Trails app to help me decide which trails were best for us. We passed tons of cabin rentals on the way so if your feeling froggy and wanting to check out some of these places, I'm sure you wont have any problem finding a spot to stay.

Little River Canyon

Little River Canyon is located in Fort Payne Alabama. It's a short walk from the highway and the trail is only a little over a mile long. This is a great spot if your wanting to get into the water. We were able to play in the shallows above but I saw several people swimming down below. Honestly I couldn’t find a way to get down there. Lol. The shallow water was fine With us tho. I didnt really see any dogs on this trail So I would look into it before bringing your fur babies.

Sense this hike was so short, I packed a small ice chest with drinks and snacks and left it in the car. I brought my hiking back pack with my water bladder in it Too. I do recommend water shoes while walking around on the rocks. We didn’t have them but I wish I did.

DeSoto Falls

Okay y’all this one is probably my favorite for many reasons. It is an extremely short hike so my kids weren’t complaining, there were people canoeing nearby so you can do that if you wanted, and there was no equipment required. I packed my usual small cooler with drinks and grabbed a pizza on my way in. But best of all, it was still beautiful! There is another trail near by that takes you down to the bottom. We didn’t do that. We we’re taking it easy but still, it was nice to have that option lol. It was definitely worth the trip even if it’s just for a quick stop.

Russel cave

Let’s not call it educational. The kids don’t like that. In fact, I’d leave that out all together. Lol This cave was a short walk through the woods but you go through a little museum to get to it. They have all kinds of Native American finds here and information on the tribe. The trail goes on further. We didn’t finish the trail in this one Because we were tired from a previous hike but it was really cool. I’m super into history so I absolutely loved it, and as long as the kiddos don’t realize it’s for school, they will love it too. Lol

Cloud Canyon State Park

OH MY GOD I WASN‘T PREPARED FOR THESE STEPS. You know that hike we were tired from when we visited Russell Cave? Well this was it, but let me tell you it was SOOOO worth the trouble. It was so beautiful here y’all I don’t even know how to describe it. But ima try :) The view from the overlooks are absolutely breathtaking. We stayed at the top just looking down for the longest time. Then we hiked down.… there are so many stairs on this hike (which we’re appreciated. There are a lot of rough trails without them). The walk down wasn’t bad and It was cool and shady down by the falls. I sat on a rock by the water and watched the kids climb on the rocks and near the water for at least two hours before we made our way back up. I’m serious tho, them stairs are no joke. They are steep. I’m by no means in the best of shape but we had to take breaks. Bring water because you’ll need it.

We went on several hikes in different areas if this state park Over multiple visits. All of the trails were different and some were harder than others. I somehow managed to bring my puppy on the hardest one, go figure, but he enjoyed it just as much as we did. So let me give you a few more pictures of the park before I move on.

This entire trip was amazing. We went on so many hikes and saw so many beautiful places. This is a big reason we travel. I caught the bug and mid 2019 and haven’t been able to cure it.

I hope you enjoyed my amateur photos lol. Make sure you check out my other posts. I still have to tell you about our trip into Chattanooga,TN where we visited Ruby Falls, went to Rock City, and the Incline Railway! Then we went to Cathedral Caverns in Woodville, Alabama and even got to visit Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee and Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park in Rossville, Georgia all before Moving on to our next home away from home. So stay tuned my peeps this is one road trip you won’t wanna miss!

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