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How it all began

If you read the about me section of this blog you'll know a bit about me and my family. I met my baby (Husband) at a restaurant we were both working at and started dating. He was the first guy to ever take me fishing. I love fishing by the way. We both came into the relationship with a child so we immediately had our happy little family. Don't get me wrong we've had our struggles just as much as any other relationship but we have overcome each of them and it has only made our love grow stronger.

My baby has a background in electrical work. He grew up around it and a few years into our relationship he began an apprenticeship at our local IBEW hall. I wont get much into that because I feel like if you know, you know. If you don't know, long story short, Its working full time and taking classes at night. They're tired from the long hours and hard labor, and it takes 5 years to complete. Well, we did it. He graduated and had a full time job to go along with it. However, It wasn't paying the bills. He does industrial work and is a Union member on top of that. Good full time jobs in the south for Union electricians are hard to come by. So for the time being, working at home wasn't a good option for us. The money wasn't there.

We knew of some friends taking a call out of the Chattanooga, TN. local hall. The work was in north Alabama and is only a 6 hour drive from the house. So, we decided to try traveling. Not just for the financial stability, but so our family would be able to visit and explore new places. I'd work during the week like always while the kids were at school and we could visit on the weekends. It was the perfect plan for us.

Since his first out of state job, our family has made some changes. When covid hit I decided to quit working and I started homeschooling the kiddos. Which is cool because I add our travels into our curriculum and we're also able to visit for longer periods of time. So far, my baby has worked out of the Chattanooga Tennessee, Augusta Georgia, Detroit Michigan, and the San Diego California local Union halls. I've seen a lot of places so far and caught the travel fever. The only thing missing from my daily life is my husband but we make it work and again we are stronger and more in love than ever.

So buckle up travelers! I'm about to show you all kinds of cool places that I've seen and continue to show you as we go. We wouldn't be able to see as much of the country as we do if it weren't for my hard working husband and the IBEW. For these experiences I am eternally grateful. This is my Highway to Home.


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