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Crab Stick Sushi

So I’ve been craving Chinese/Japanese food for the past couple of days. We’re on a bit of a budget right now with the holidays coming up so we can’t do take out and eat out right now.

I made this Korean beef and rice dish last night that I found online and it was alright but my husband said it tasted like a Korean hamburger helper and it didn’t quite cut the crave for me.

I do this all the time. I swear I could eat Mexican food every other day for a month swapping from Moes, to Taco Bell, to Taco Sombrero, to homemade, to the Mexican restaurants up the road and everything in between. Same goes with pizza as well as Chinese food.

Of course, I know how to cook normal southern food pretty damn good. I grew up cooking and watching food network so I hold my own in the kitchen. I cook a lot too, but I also like to get creative. And my food almost never tastes exactly the same. Why? Because I NEVER measure for my own recipes. In fact, it’s a real struggle for me having to remember to measure just to type up these posts.

N-e wayz the Korean hamburger helper wasn’t good enough. I’m on an Asian kick this month So while I was out shopping for Thanksgiving earlier, sushi popped in my head. I grabbed everything for crab stick sushi because I know everyone in my house will eat it.

I got the stuff to make egg drop soup too but that was a disaster. I’ve never actually successfully made egg drop soup. Ive always ether screwed up the consistency of it or dropped the ball on adding the eggs correctly. Probably has something to do with my refusal to measure Anything. I’m working on that. I’ve kinda got to if ima share my recipes with y’all.

I accidentally did a weird thing with the eggs.

I really don’t wanna talk about it too much other than don’t scramble your eggs then pour it in chicken stock. It basically turned into like a chicken flavored curdled custard. A scrambled egg soup if you will. IT DID TASTE GOOD. It just kept getting thicker and thicker. Maybe too much corn starch too? Ima try to fix it cause I hate to waste food.

luckily,I was prepared, and I bought miso soup mix packets. You just add it to boiling water and your pretty much done.

Thats enough rambling I think. Here is how I make my crab stick sushi. Remember, Put in there what you want. Out of the 4 of us, each roll is different, so change up the fillings if you’d like.

Prep time:1hr ish

cook time:35 minutes

total time: 1hr 35 minutes ish

servings: 6

what you’ll need:

bamboo rolling mat

sharp knife

cutting boardmedium pot or rice cooker

cookie sheet

wax paper


sushi rice

seaweed wrappers

cream cheese

• immitation crab sticks

• carrots

• green onions

• sesame seeds


Cook your rice according to the package. I cook mine on the stove so I’m not sure how long a rice cooker takes. I made a cup and a half of dry rice to three cups of water. I don’t like a ton of rice in mine, so if you want more than a thin layer I suggest cooking extra and playing it by ear. While the rice is cooking, prep your fillings. I try to make my cuts as long as the wrapper is so that it’s easier to roll. keep in mind that you also have to slice this so if your using hard ingredients like carrots it needs to be thin. Less is more here.

I cut my crab sticks into thirds, with every third in half, to make it long enough. You could of course use the whole stick but I’m saving the rest for another recipe.

For me it’s easier if you just cut the cream cheese and add it as you need it. It softens quickly and can be difficult to work with.

The carrots here are baby carrots cut into fours, but you can use shredded or even shred the large ones If you like.

Once your rice is cooked line a cookie sheet with some wax paper and spread your rice out. sprinkle your sesame seeds on top, as much as you like, and stick it in the fridge for about 15-30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be cold just at room temperature so that it’s easy to handle.

When your rice is cool and your fillings are cut it’s time to assemble.

Take one sheet of the seaweed wrapper and place it textured side up on your bamboo roller. add about half a cup of rice to the top and spread it out evenly saving a small edge of the seaweed for it to seal. Line your fillings up on the opposite side of your seal. You’ll want them closest to you and the seal farthest away. Try to stack them as close to each other as possible.

Let’s get rolling! Holding the findings in place, roll the sheet up with the bamboo roller and pull tight. Try to keep all the fillings in this first roll.

Keep rolling and pulling tight as you go. About halfway I abandon the bamboo roller and do the rest by hand, tightening and smoothing out as I go.

Once you‘ve finished move on to the next one. Untill you’ve finished with All of your rolls.

Finally, using a sharp knife, cut each roll into eight equal pieces. Sometimes it helps to wipe off your knife as you go and add some oil to it to keep the cream cheese from sticking.

Time to eat! I made miso soup with ours but do whatever you want. Here’s a picture of the package if you like. It tastes just like the stuff in the restaurants.

Welp thats it! It’s really easy so I hope you give it a go. Once you get the hang of it, it takes no time and you can have sushi from home any time!


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