Welcome to my home. 

Where to even begin with this? lol. Okay, lets just start with the basics. My name is Crystal. I live in south Mississippi. I have the most amazing, hard working, loving, and sexy husband alive (I swear it’s true). I have 2 kiddos, one boy and one girl. Both of them are basically teenagers and drive me bonkers lol. I love them just the same.

My husband is a proud IBEW electrician. About 2 and a half years ago we decided it was best financially for him to start traveling for work. Now, we’ve been together at this point for 8 solid years. We’re happily married and have a very solid and trusting relationship. The decision for him to start traveling for work wasn’t an easy one, but it ultimately came down to us being in a better financial situation, so we could give our family experiences through his traveling for work that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to offer.

Both kids, ages 11 and 15, are homeschooled by yours truly. I’ve been doing it for almost 2 school years now. I wanted to pull my daughter out already, so when covid hit it gave me the perfect excuse to pull them both out and give homeschooling a try. I’ll admit, it was confusing, scary, and a bit overwhelming at first but now I feel like I’m getting the hang of it and its actually kinda fun playing teacher. PLUS, I can cut out all that crap that we all know they wont use in life and teach them what I know they’ll need and what they want to know for their futures. I’m able to add our everyday lives into our curriculum and also study the country hands on just by visiting my husband.

Now, being that I homeschool and travel a lot, Its hard for me to keep a traditional job. Saying I take on a lot of random projects is an understatement. lol. I went from a waitress of almost 13 years and making my own money to a stay at home mom. The transition has been….. interesting… lol I get myself into all sorts of stuff. Soap making, candle making, jewelry making, and online resale is just naming some. OH! Did I mention I was raised on a farm? You know what that means right? I like to collect critters. Its literally in my DNA. I have one acre and I make gardens, bring home random animals, and start all kinds of outdoor projects too.

I got a lot going on. I don’t always finish my projects or follow through with my plans because shit happens lol. But my life is pretty interesting so ima start writing about it. Ill share my farm hacks and projects, My homeschooling supplies and curriculum info, and anything else I can think of. But most of all I want to share my travels. We, as a family, get to go visit so many beautiful places in the country. I want to show you how to travel on a budget and get the most out of traveling for work. I may share what its like when me and my husband are apart and how we cope with different things. I donno yet, Ill make it up as I go but it’ll be fun!

My whole life revolves around my family. Keeping my kids educated on life and keeping my marriage on track is my number one priority. I live in Mississippi but Its harder and harder to call it my home because it doesn’t matter where we are. My home is where I’m happy. My home is where I’m loved. My home is where my Family is. This is my Highway to Home.

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